Mercury Installation (Proffie 2.2)
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Mercury Installation (Proffie 2.2)

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Want your Mercury saber to come to life right out of the box? This is the way! Powered by a Proffie 2.2 sound board, the effects you can achieve are limitless! Brightness is provided by a CC Sabers short-pin pixel PCB in an Ignition Sabers PCB holder. Want big sound? No problem! An 8 Ohm, 3-watt 28mm bass speaker will give you all you need. A 3000 mAh Keeppower battery is also included in all orders for the USA. Batteries, unfortunately, can't ship to other countries!

Proffie installation includes the standard sound fonts and config. (No custom programming requests, please) However, it does also include TWO fronts from Blueforce Soundfonts! The first is their IGNTION font (of course!) and the second is Ignition Saber Co.'s exclusive ancient Sith font called Death In Darkness! It's available nowhere else except on Ignition installed sabers! Proffie color may vary.

Ignition Dual Tactile Switch is shown in pics but NOT included in this price. The switch must be purchased separately!

*** INSTALLATION adds approximately 4-6 weeks to the delivery date of your saber! ***

The PCB and switch are installed with quick-disconnects for the pixel PCB and switch so you can swap a single installation into multiple Mercury sabers easily!

Installation includes: Proffie 2.2 sound board, Keeppower 18650 high-drain battery, Saber Merchant 8 ohm 3-watt 28mm bass speaker, CC Sabers pixel PCB, Ignition Sabers PCB holder, 22 AWG and 30AWG wiring with micro Dean's and JST quick disconnects.