Mercury Crystal Chamber DIY Info

Here's how you put a crystal chamber in your Mercury saber:

(In progress. Working on this page as of 11/17/22.)

First, you're going to need the 3D printed chamber parts. You can buy them from my Shapeways store. You'll need ALL THREE PARTS to the crystal chamber:

Part 1 of 3 - Pick your choice of metal
Part 2 of 3 - Pick your choice of metal
Part 3 of 3 - Only available in black versatile plastic

You'll also need one 12" piece of K&S Metal 5/32" round tubing with 0.014" wall thickness. You'll cut this into two, short pieces to hide your wiring.

#8128 Round Brass Tubing
#8119 Round Copper Tubing
#8103 Round Aluminum Tubing

You'll also need a 16mm ROUND crystal.

Nobi Wan's Glass Hut sells the absolute BEST glass crystals!

But many sellers on eBay have 16mm round Quartz crystals. 

Here's one seller in China you can try.
This eBay seller is in the United States but often sells out of clear crystals.

Make sure to select "clear quartz" in the listing. You can "crack" this quartz crystal yourself, if you're wanting that look.

And finally, you'll need longer threaded chassis rods. The Mercury uses 4-40 threaded rods and you'll need to cut yours to a custom length to fit your chamber. One 12" threaded rod will be enough to mount your chamber and chassis.

Try this eBay seller.
Or McMaster Carr for fancy, stainless steel rod
I also find it locally at my ACE Hardware store.